Ravings of a Lunatic Mum

This is my main blog. I write about current affairs, parenthood, learning and loads of other stuff. My handle here is lunaticmum.

Aussie Reads

To be included in this blog, a book must be written by an Australian author. Alternatively, it could be written about Australia or Australians. My handle here is fairy-whispers.

Stats 'n' Stuff

This is a fun site for people who are interested in my stats. Here, you will find lists of what I've read in various months and years, as well as page counts, release statistics and so on. There is a book and word of the month, polls, feeds to my favourite blogs and various other goodies. Well worth a look. My handle here is fairy-whispers.

Quotes That Caught My Interest

As you might guess from the title, this blog is solely devoted to quotes that have caught my eye. My handle here is fairy-whispers.